Nessus Reports

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Nessus Reports

The EventSentry Nessus reports show you a wealth of information about Nessus scans and give you the ability to run detailed searches on data collected by Nessus. With the Nessus reports you can query data based on the following search criteria:



PlugIn ID


Risk Factor


CVSS Level






Only computers matching your selection will be displayed.



Selecting a port will only show computers where this port is open


Plugin ID

Selecting a plug-in id will only show results from this particular plug-in id



Selecting a scan from this list will show only results from this particular Nessus scan. This selection takes precedence over the From/To or Limit selection.



Show only results where the description (plug-in text) contain the text entered.


Risk Factor / Severity

Checking one or more of these boxes will only show results that match the risk factor and/or severity.



Show only results that match the selected CVSS code, when available.


Sort By

Use this field to sort your output. By default, output is sorted descending by Date and Time.


Group By

You can group output by selecting one or more (hold the CTRL key while selecting multiple) fields from the "Group By" box.


Show Chart

Selecting the "Show Chart" option will display a graphical chart in addition to the text report. A pie chart is shown if you group by one field, a stacked column chart is displayed when you group by two fields. Grouping by more than two fields will not show a chart.


Open Ports / Vulnerabilities

Using these checkbox's you can filter your results to include only Open Ports or only Vulnerabilities. If both checkbox's are unchecked the page will include results from both areas.



Run a regular search and show output in text format.




Chart Trends

Clicking this button will generate a timeline to compare the total number of different severities or risk factors over time. You can still apply a filter (e.g. by selecting only one severity) to the resulting timeline which will be taken into consideration.