Can I monitor databases (e.g. SQL Server, Oracle, etc.) with EventSentry?

Article ID: 120
Category: General
Created: 2006-11-28

Yes, you can monitor most databases with EventSentry, depending on how well the database interacts with the following components of the Operating System:

  • Event Log
  • Performance Monitor

Event Log
Microsoft SQL Server logs all critical errors, warnings, informational events and audit failures to the Windows event log. Messages logged by Microsoft SQL Server include database consistency errors, full transaction log files and more.

If the database you are trying to monitor logs events to the event log, then EventSentry can alert you of those errors. Using the recurring event feature, you can also use EventSentry to alert you when a scheduled job does not run.

Performance Monitor
Microsoft SQL Server makes internal performance information available through counters in Performance Monitor. For example, you can monitor the number of connected users, the number of transactions per second and so forth.

If your database exposes internal counters through Performance Monitor, then you can configure EventSentry to alert you when certain thresholds are exceeded and/or log performance information to a reporting database.