How do I backup my EventSentry configuration and can I move my installation to a different computer?

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Category: Configuration
Applies to: All Versions
Updated: 2022-06-08

You can export (and thus backup) the EventSentry configuration by selecting "Export" from the "Home" menu of the EventSentry management application. This will save the entire configuration from the registry in a .reg file.

Once EventSentry is installed using the wizard on the alternate server, you can select "Home -> Import" from within the EventSentry management application to import a .reg configuration file.

If you are using the collector and the host name of the new machine is different than the old one:

  1. Open the management console
  2. Navigate to the Collector dialog
  3. Make surer that the "Hostname(s)" value matches the new host, adjust if necessary

If you have EventSentry Web Reports installed and want to move them to another server:

  1. Install the web reports onto another server
  2. Go to C:\Program Files\EventSentry\WebReports on the original server and copy the conf folder
  3. Paste the conf folder into C:\Program Files\EventSentry\WebReports on the new server, and overwrite the existing files
  4. Restart the EventSentry Web Reports service on the new server