The EventSentry registry key cannot be accessed by the currently logged-on user.

Article ID: 136
Category: Self-Support Diagnosis
Updated: 2007-10-10

EventSentry secures the registry key where the EventSentry configuration is stored (HKLM\Software\\EventSentry) by removing the following built-in users and groups every time the Management Console or Agent is started:

  • Users
  • Power Users
  • Everyone
  • Guest
  • Terminal Server User

from the ACL that protects the main registry key. In rare cases, where the main registry is not configured correctly, the EventSentry registry key might not be accessible anymore.

Follow the steps below to access the registry again:

  1. Open up regedit.exe (or regedt32.exe on Windows 2000)
  2. Navigate to HKLM\Software\\EventSentry
  3. Right-click the "EventSentry" key and select "Permissions"
  4. Make sure that both "Local System" and "Administrators" are listed with FULL access. If they are not, adjust the permissions accordingly.

You should now have full access to the registry again.