One or more database action is configured to use a System DSN instead of a connection string.

Article ID: 137
Category: Self-Support Diagnosis
Created: 2007-05-26

You can configure EventSentry to connect to database servers either by using an ODBC connection string (recommended) or by using an ODBC System DSN.

System DSN's are generally not recommended due to resulting additional administrative overhead. If you configure an EventSentry database action with a System DSN, then all computers that are running the EventSentry agent will need to have System DSN configured in Windows.

You can avoid this by configuring the database action to use an ODBC connection string instead. To configure a connection string, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the ES Management Console
  2. Expand the "Actions" container and click on the database action that is configured with a System DSN
  3. If you know the connection string then you may enter it into the "Connection String" are or click on the "Create" button to have EventSentry setup the connection string for you.
  4. Click the TEST button to verify that the connection string works
  5. Click "Remote -> Update Agent(s)" to push the updated configuration to the remote hosts