Unable to connect to one or more database actions.

Article ID: 147
Category: Self-Support Diagnosis
Updated: 2019-07-29

The support utility was not able to connect to one of the configured database actions, which usually indicates a connectivity problem between the host where the support utility was launched and the database server.

Please try the following steps:

  • Make sure that you have the required ODBC drivers installed. See Database ODBC Drivers for more information.

  • Make sure that you can ping the database server, e.g. "ping dbserver.yourcompany.com"

  • Make sure that no firewalls are preventing communication between this host and the database server.

  • Ensure that the database server is accepting connections from remote hosts. For example, SQL Server Express 2005 by default does NOT accept connections from remote hosts.

  • If the database server is configured for multiple instances then make sure that the EventSentry action is configured to connect to the correct instance.