What information should I send to NETIKUS.NET during a beta test?

Article ID: 291
Category: Beta
Applies to: All Versions
Updated: 2018-11-08

The purpose of our public beta programs is to identify errors and bugs in EventSentry prior to the official release as well as gather feedback about the new version.


  • Deploy EventSentry to as many hosts as possible
  • Ensure the debug logging level for all components is set to either "High" or "Trace"

We are looking for the following during the beta program:

  • Usage information - on how many hosts is the beta being tested?
  • Any bugs discovered. If a crash is observed please submit a crash dump along with debug logs files.
  • Any ambiguities encountered, e.g. confusion in the interface or lack of documentation
  • Any general feedback, both positive and negative
  • Any other relevant feedback that can help improve this version of EventSentry

Please send all communication to support [at] netikus.net.

If you have participated in the beta and did not encounter any issues then please still let us know by sending a short summary indicating how long and on how many hosts you tested EventSentry.

Thank you for participating in the EventSentry Beta program.