Can I monitor the RAID status, fan status, and so forth of Dell and HP servers?

Article ID: 345
Category: General
Applies to: 2.93 and newer
Created: 2017-04-21

Yes, as long as the necessary WMI interface (Dell OpenManage, HP Insight WBEM) is installed in the operating system, the EventSentry agent can detect and monitor the same RAID status, fan status, power supply status, and other hardware health and status indicators that are visible in the vendor's hardware status tools. EventSentry can also detect the firmware versions of most hardware components.

If EventSentry is capable of monitoring the hardware status but the necessary WMI interface is not installed, the EventSentry agent will generate event ID 12090 each time the agent starts, and the event will have the following text:

EventSentry determined that the recommended management suite (""%1"") from the hardware manufacturer (%2) is either not installed or not currently running on this server. Without this software, EventSentry will not be able to alert you of critical hardware warnings and/or errors, such as a hard drive failure in a RAID. Please visit the manufacturer's web site to obtain more information and install the recommended management suite.

Additional Information:

Manufacturer: %2
Model: %3
Bios Version: %4"