What are the default accounts used for each EventSentry service?

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Category: General
Applies to: All
Updated: 2018-11-08
Service Account
EventSentry (agent) LocalSystem account
EventSentry Collector LocalSystem account
EventSentry Heartbeat Monitor Please see KB-41
EventSentry Network Services LocalSystem account
EventSentry Web Reports LocalSystem account
EventSentry Database NetworkService account

Please note that if you change the service account used for the Collector, you will not be able to re-use the existing certificate, as a new one must be created when the Collector starts under a different account This will require a manual configuration update (Push Configuration) for your agents, as they will otherwise refuse to connect to the Collector when the certificate has changed.

If you use the Collector and you change the service account used for the EventSentry (agent) service, you'll need to Reset Shared Secrets in order for the agent to successfully connect to the Collector under the new service account.