How do I write the report jobs to a custom path?

Article ID: 445
Category: Web Reports
Applies to: 4.2.3
Updated: 2021-03-01

The Web Reports include an option to send scheduled reports as an email or to save to a folder.

If the default directory is not suitable then there are two options to customize the location of the saved reports.

Option 1: Save a shortcut for easier access

Open to the following path:
C:\Program Files\EventSentry\WebReports\jobs\

Right click the <job-name> folder and select Send to then Desktop

This will create a folder on the Desktop to allow easy access to the respective jobs folder.

Option 2: Edit the configuration file

Navigate to the conf path:
C:\Program Files\EventSentry\WebReports\conf

Open jobs.xml with a text editor as an Administrator:

        <name>Errors over the last Last 24 hours</name>
        <path>C:\Program Files\EventSentry\WebReports\jobs\</path>
  • Customize the path field from *C:\Program Files\EventSentry\WebReports\jobs* to the new location
  • Save the jobs.xml file
  • Restart the EventSentry Web Reports service.
  • Run the scheduled job to test the new settings