How can I automate the installation (silent install) of the EventSentry agent, for example when automatically setting up (rolling out) servers or workstations? How can I manually install the EventSentry agent?

Article ID: 54
Category: Installation
Applies to: 2.71 and earlier
Updated: 2019-07-31

In order to function correctly the EventSentry agent needs the following:

  • Working configuration in registry
  • Installed Service
  • Installed service executable

1) Export a working configuration from another server running the agent and save it to a file. In our example this file will be called ES_AGENT.REG.

2) Copy the following files to a subfolder from where they can be copied during the server setup:


3) Create a script file that runs the following commands (or execute the commands one-by-one from a command line):

regedit.exe /s ES_AGENT.REG
copy eventsentry_svc.exe %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\
copy eventsentry_msg.dll %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\
cd %SYSTEMROOT%\system32
eventsentry_svc.exe /install
net start EventSentry

4) Configure this script file to be run during your setup