I have been instructed to turn on debugging on a machine running the EventSentry agent and send the log file. How can enable debugging and where are the log files located?

Article ID: 60
Category: Debugging
Applies to: All Versions
Updated: 2011-09-08

Please follow these steps if you have been instructed by NETIKUS.NET support to email debug log files:

  • Open the EventSentry Management Application
  • Select "File" - "Connect" and connect to the computer from which the log file is needed
  • Select the "Service Control" container and set the "Debug Level" to "High"
  • Save the configuration
  • Select "File" - "Disconnect"

Now, wait until the particular action that is not working correctly has occurred (your support team will have sent you further instructions) so that the log files contain useful information. Once this is complete, email the files to support@netikus.net:

  • eventsentry_svc_1.log
  • eventsentry_svc_2.log

or, for heartbeat monitoring

  • eventsentry_hb_svc_1.log
  • eventsentry_hb_svc_2.log

These file are located in the %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\EventSentry\logs or %SYSTEMROOT%\SysWOW64\EVENTSENTRY\logs folder. You can also access these files remotely by connecting to \SERVER\ADMIN$ where SERVER is the hostname of the remote machine. In older versions of EventSentry (2.91 or older), these files are located in the %SYSTEMROOT% directory, which is the directory where Windows was installed.

To set the debug log level back to "Low" or "None", follow the steps above again but this time set the debug level to "Low" or "None".