Microsoft Windows Network. The service has not been started.

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asked Jan 12, 2018 in EventSentry Admin Assistant by Hilario Taguibao (130 points)
Good day,

Anybody can help me. I have EvenSentry Admini Assistant installed in my computer and trying to do some stuff in my network but i can't see who are connected to my network. All I can see is in my Active Directory but cant see in my Local Network.


Please see screenshot here:

Status: Microsoft Windows Network: The service has not been started.


BTW: i already started my Windows Network. as a proof please see screenshot here:

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answered Jan 12, 2018 by Ingmar (7,190 points)


This is likely not an issue with the Admin Assistant, but an issue with network browsing on your machine. First, can you please let us know what version of Windows you are running on the machine where you installed the EventSentry Admin Assistant?

Also, can you please open a command prompt on the computer and run the following command

net view

I'm expecting that you would get the same error message as in the admin assistant.

I suspect that there may another service not started that is required. Ideally you could run the following command from the command prompt

sc query > services.txt

and attach the services.txt file.


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