Can EventSentry forward notification to BMC Remedy 9.0 for creating tickets automatically?

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asked Feb 13 in EventSentry by fmahmud-ES (130 points)
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We are a satellite office for the US (***). The agency uses BMC Remedy to support IT at various locations. Locally, we use EventSentry to collect logs and forward notifications to admins for problem resolution. Is it possible for EventSentry to forward notifications to Remedy for creating tickets automatically? Thanks.

F. M.

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answered Feb 13 by Steven Flowers (1,800 points)
Hello F. M.,

Yes, it looks like BMC Remedy has API support for creating a ticket:

You can use the EventSentry HTTP action:

Then you can create include filters to forward the events through your newly created HTTP action instead of or in addition to your email action. Here is a tutorial for creating include filters:
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answered 6 days ago by Kahnson

Can EventSentry forward notification to BMC Remedy for creating tickets automatically? This is the answer of this question which is asked through this rush my essay blog. We can answer it.

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answered 5 days ago by Hubertios

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