how to clean up logs

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asked May 11, 2018 in EventSentry by igtuser1 (120 points)
How do I clean up old event logs - event log viewer

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answered May 11, 2018 by Ingmar (7,190 points)
Are you looking to clear the local event log of a server/workstation, or do you need to delete old data from the EventSentry database?
commented May 11, 2018 by igtuser1 (120 points)
yes, I am new to the tool. old Event log viewer items or the information messages in side at least.
commented May 11, 2018 by igtuser1 (120 points)
I am working from the Management Console. Do I have to remove from DB?
commented May 12, 2018 by Ingmar (7,190 points)
The EventSentry Management Console includes a read-only event viewer, but it doesn't support deleting old logs from the local event log. You can clear the event log using the built-in event viewer (or scripts / PowerShell) that comes with Windows, but it isn't possible to delete "old" events. Microsoft only supports clearing the entire log.

You can limit the size of an event log and configure the log to overwrite events as needed, which will also automatically purge old events.

All of this is done irrespective of EventSentry. Does that answer your question?
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