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I have a relatively simple question, which I am having a hard time finding the answer for both through forum searches and google.

We are new to EventSentry and currently running a test deployment with a trial license. So far so good! I have setup some basic monitoring of test-servers and a few network devices via syslog. Well, today I found myself needing to leverage the power of this software for the first time.

I am attempting to track down some rouge connections through a device sending syslog to the EventSentry server. However, the logs I am looking for are at the level of info. Manually scrolling through is out of the question as there are thousands of entries. My question is, how can I utilize the "message:" search functionality of EventSentry?

I have attempted the following: message:"", message:[], message:[""] and message: - All of these searches came up blank, but I was able to find entries using my browser built-in search function.

I realize the software is using Query Parser Syntax and I have referenced THIS article for support but unfortunately neither really help in this situation.


Any help is appriciated!

Thank you in advance.

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answered May 24, 2019 by Steven Flowers (2,320 points)
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When trying to search the message field, since you text (IP address) isn't going to match one to one, you'll have to use the wildcard so please try:


Does that give you the results you were looking for?

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