The documentation is mostly useful as a reference, but you can also browse the topics to learn about the features of the product. All the help buttons in the dialogs in the management application are directly linked to the documentation.

EventSentry Documentation

EventSentry Overview

This guide gives you a quick, architectural overview of EventSentry to get you started using the product. Browse or search the documentation for detailed product information.

EventSentry Best Practices

Once you are familar with the basic concept of EventSentry we recommend that you take a look at the best practices. It contains useful tips & tricks and configuration examples to help you get the most out of EventSentry with the least amount of administration.

Resource Guides

White Paper: Justifying a System Monitoring Solution

This white paper explains why an economical monitoring solution such as EventSentry makes business sense by reducing downtime, helping with software license evaluation, saving valuable IT staff time and much more.