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EventSentry, developed by NETIKUS.NET ltd, is a WinXP - Windows 2003 - Windows Vista - Windows 2008 (R2) - Windows 7/8 - Windows 2012 (R2) - Windows 2019 application suite that actively monitors your server's (or workstation's) event log, system health and network devices.


Configure EventSentry to notify you if important events matching your filter criteria occur or consolidate your event logs into one central location such as a central ODBC database. You can be actively notified in several ways including Email, ASCII file, database, Unix Syslog, SNMP,  HTTP, network message, process, and more. You can also monitor services, disk space, performance, processes and more. The Heartbeat monitor checks whether servers and network devices are up and running.


EventSentry also includes a Unix/Linux Syslog/SNMP server, which logs incoming Syslog packets and SNMP traps either to the Windows event log or a database. An optional NetFlow component visualizes NetFlow or sFlow data.



If you have purchased EventSentry - Congratulations! You have obtained a software product that comes with excellent support and a team that is devoted to making log, system and network monitoring as powerful as possible, while at the same time keeping our product as simple to use as possible. Any problem you have with EventSentry or monitoring will become our problem and we make every effort to resolve all issues as fast as possible.


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