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  • Powerful RESTful Reporting API
  • Security Event Log Normalization & Correlation

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"EventSentry has more uses than a Swiss Army Knife!"

Mike W. (East Alabama Medical Center)

"We use EventSentry for log management and to give us a "heads up" on anomalies that may occur on our Windows servers. It has helped in alerting us to potential break-in attempts, and in determining issues with our Windows event logs monitoring.…" >> READ MORE  

Anthony G. Gunia (Purdue University Calumet)

"Real-time event log monitoring is an essential part of our security policy and server health management. Whenever something happens on our servers, we want to know about it immediately. This is where the security event log management…" >> READ MORE  

Dietward Yska (Leiden University)

Success Stories

Unlimited Data

Collect and archive as much data as you can store - for one price.


EventSentry is competitively priced and includes one full year of email & phone support.

No Sensor Limit

Monitor as many metrics per host as you wish - EventSentry is licensed per host.

Single Pane of Glass

EventSentry looks beyond events and log files - by monitoring multiple aspects of Windows-based systems to give you a complete picture - and not just a few pieces of the puzzle. Disk space, performance, inventory and more monitoring features are all included.

Real-Time Event Log Monitoring

Our state-of-art agents monitor all Windows servers, workstations & laptops securely, efficiently and in real-time - with native 64-bit support. Data is encrypted & compressed, and collected metrics are cached and re-transmitted during temporary network outages.

Descriptive Email Alerts

EventSentry's email alerts go the extra mile to make troubleshooting faster and more effective by providing additional context. Footers provide a status of the monitored host, security codes are automatically explained and performance alerts include embedded visual charts. IP addresses contained in emails are supplemented with reverse DNS lookup and geolocation data.

Email Alerts

Security Event Correlation

Since Windows security events are notoriously difficult to decipher and correlate, EventSentry transforms raw security events into easy-to-read reports that immediately make sense. Who ran which application, when did a user logon and from which workstation and which files were changed by whom are only some of the questions you will be able to answer with EventSentry.

Web-Based Reporting & API

A modern, sleek reporting engine that works across all major browsers and mobile devices provides easy access to all logs and metrics. Beautiful & illustrative dashboards can present data from different vantage points, an extensive API provides easy access to third party applications.

Web Reports

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