SysAdmin Tools v3.0.1.7

The EventSentry SysAdmin Tools is a set of command-line and graphical utilities designed to help network administrators with their daily administrative tasks. The EventSentry SysAdmin Tools is freeware and constantly under development, and most of the tools found are spin-offs from EventSentry, our log, server and network monitoring suite.

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Network Tools

Extremely fast ping replacement which supports config presets and audible notifications.

Download files via HTTP(S) from command line, supports proxies.

Captures network packets and groups output by end points. Command-line and GUI version.

Displays and optionally verifies all MX records associated with a domain or email address.

Query time from NTP server

Send page through SNPP server

Automatically retrieves and displays a variety of information from a SNMP-enabled hosts, including system description, network interfaces, disks, processes and more.

Send magic WakeOnLan packet to wake up a remote host

File System Tools

Enumerates all files with alternate data streams.

Calculates the checksum or entropy of a file (SHA1, SHA256, MD5 etc) and verifies its digital signature

Shows the largest directories and files on a logical drive or directory path within a few seconds.

Shows all activity in a (sub)directory in real time.

Calculates the size of a directory and its subdirectories.

Replaces all files in a directory and all subdirectories with a single file.

Deletes all files in a (sub)directory which are older than the configured number of days.

Deletes all files in a (sub)directory.

Frees up disk space used by a PostgreSQL table on volumes with no available disk space by compressing files and performing a full vaccuum.

Windows Tools

Displays data received from a (virtual) serial port, with custom processing for certain environmental sensors such as the SDS011 sensor.

System Tray Application that provides quick access to current performance stats and other useful system information including uptime, IP address & connection speed, logged on users and more.

Dumps the memory of a process and will compress the file automatically

Shows all available event logs, event sources and their associated event messages.

Shuts down or reboots a machine after a set timeout is expired, supports conditions like # of open files.

Logs an event from any event source to the Application event log, supports categories and insertion strings

Shows whether the currently logged-on user is an administrator and whether the current process is elevated.

Logs the currently logged-on user off after a set time period.

Pauses for a certain number of milliseconds

Controls services at configured times, runs as a service.

Shows the current uptime

Monitoring Tools

Verifies a database connection via ODBC, supports executing SQL statements

Checks whether one or more ports are open, supports mulit-threaded port scans.

Verify whether a HTTP(S) page is available, check & notify if the certificate will expire soon and confirm specific text on page.

Lists all processes which have at least one thread in a suspended state

Queries any performance counter or SNMP OID and displays results

Security Tools

Resets a user's password on multiple machines. Command-Line and GUI version

Shows all services, grouped by service account. Optionally resets passwords for service accounts.

Shows all scheduled tasks, grouped by task account. Optionally resets passwords for service accounts.

Utilizes EventSentry's validation scripts to compare security (and other) settings of the local host with best practices, security frameworks and compliance requirements such as NIST, STIG, CMMC and many more.



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