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The ADMonitor component is installed by the configuration assistant which is automatically run during the installation and/or upgrade of EventSentry. To add the ADMonitor component after EventSentry is already installed, launch the configuration assistant from the start menu.


The ADMonitor component consists of the following:


EventSentry ADMonitor service

EventSentryADMonitor domain account

C:\Program Files (x86)\EventSentry\ADMonitor files



The ADMonitor component can only be installed on machines that are part of a domain.


Service Account EventSentryADMonitor / Manual Setup

The EventSentry configuration assistant automatically creates the EventSentryADMonitor service account in the domain during installation; this account is required for the ADMonitor component to work correctly.


Since the EventSentryADMonitor user requires Domain and Enterprise Admin permissions, the user running the EventSentry installation needs to be part of the Domain Admins group; otherwise the user will need to be created by a domain administrator.


To create the EventSentryADMonitor user manually follow the instructions below:


1.Open Active Directory Users and Computers and create a user named EventSentryADMonitor.

2.Add the EventSentryADMonitor user account to the Domain Admins and Enterprise Admins group.

3.On the host where EventSentry is installed, open the Services application and locate the EventSentry ADMonitor service.

4.Enter the properties of the service and set the service account on the Log On tab to the EventSentryADMonitor service. Restart the service.



ADMonitor is removed automatically as part of the EventSentry uninstallation process. The instructions below outline how to only uninstall the ADMonitor component:


In the ADMonitor dialog in the management console, click uninstall

Delete the ADMonitor sub directory from the EventSentry installation folder (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\EventSentry\ADMonitor)




The ADMonitor component can be (re)installed with the EventSentry configuration assistant.