Setting Maintenance Schedules

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Setting Maintenance Schedules

Maintenance schedules are useful when servers or devices that are monitored by the heartbeat agent have scheduled down-times, during which you do not wish to receive alerts via email or pagers for example. EventSentry supports two types of maintenance schedules:


Immediate: Puts a host immediately into a maintenance schedule either for X minutes/hours/days or until a specified time. This action can only be applied to a single host.

Fixed schedules: You specify a start date/time and an end date/time when a device is scheduled to be offline.

Recurring schedules: You can specify a weekday (e.g. Saturday) or day of the month (e.g. 4th) during which a device is scheduled to be offline.


Maintenance schedules can be applied to


Individual computers

Heartbeat-enabled groups



Maintenance schedules only affect heartbeat alerts written to the Application event log. Status changes are still added to the heartbeat history, even if they occur during a maintenance schedule.


To suppress email and/or pager alerts sent by an agent during a maintenance schedule, see Setting Maintenance Schedules for Agents.


Maintenance Now

A single host can immediately enter maintenance mode with the "Maintenance Now" feature, which can be accessed through via the ribbon or the context menu. Two maintenance options are available with this action:


Enter maintenance mode for a number of minutes, hours or days from now.

Enter maintenance mode until a set hour - up to 23 hours into the future. The selected time applies to the next day if it is earlier than the current time.


It is not necessary to save or push the configuration when "Maintenance Now" is specified. The configuration is saved automatically and pushed to the remote host if necessary.




Viewing the "Heartbeat Maintenance Schedules" dialog

Right-click the group or computer container and select "Maintenance Schedule(s) ..."




or click the "Maintenance" button on the heartbeat options dialog of a group or computer:




Adding maintenance schedules

The "Heartbeat Maintenance Schedules" dialog allows you to view, add and remove maintenance schedules. The screenshot below shows this dialog:




To add a regular schedule, specify the start and end date and time and click the add button. To add a recurring schedule, specify either one or more weekdays or one or more days of the month.


If you want to cover an entire day, you will need to set the start time to 12:00:00 AM and the end time to 11:59:59 PM as shown in the screenshot below:




Apply to nth weekday of the month

Maintenance schedules can be applied to the nth day of a month only (opposed to every weekday), by selecting 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th from the drop-down. Select "every" for the maintenance schedule to apply to every weekday, the default setting.


Removing maintenance schedules

To remove an existing maintenance schedule, select it from the list of active maintenance schedules and click the "Delete" button.