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Validation scripts packages utilize validation-type scripts to verify that the OS configuration or current state of monitored hosts follows best practices and/or passes security and compliance requirements.


EventSentry includes 100+ scripts (checks) which are maintained & updated by NETIKUS.NET ltd (aka "Managed Scripts"), that can be utilized to perform a wide variety of checks including:







NIST 800-53


General System Health

Best Practices


Managed scripts are maintained & updated on a regular basis, updates are available to evaluation users and customers with active maintenance agreements. Users can supplement managed scripts with their own, managed scripts cannot be modified however.


Scripts are organized using tags, and users can supplement built-in tags with their own to make assigning scripts easier.




Assigned Tags & Scripts

A Validation Scripts package allows users to associate existing validation scripts either by a matching tag or script GUID to be executed on all hosts which have the package assigned. Results can be stored in one or more database actions.


Blocked Scripts

If one or more scripts should not be included in the package, despite matching the specified tags, it can be blocked in the "Blocked Scripts" section. This can be helpful for checks that cannot be remediated or that are not applicable to the affected hosts.


Results from validation scripts are available in the web reports, no events are generated by this feature. Web-based reporting provides summary statistics, individual script results and remediation steps for failed checks.



Script can be disabled in the Scripts section to prevent them from running anywhere regardless of tag assignments. The frequency at which scripts are run is also configured in the scripts section.