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Beta Testers

We would like to thank all the individuals who helped us beta test EventSentry. We received many suggestions, ideas, and bug reports that enabled us to make EventSentry a better and more stable product.


Bug Discoverers

We thank everybody who took the time to report problems and/or bugs in EventSentry.



Many thanks to all individuals who sent us suggestions. We have implemented countless customer suggestions over the past years.



We would like to thank Chris Maunder and others from CodeProject for providing sample classes.

Many thanks to PJ Naughter, for the many MFC libraries he provides to the community.

Many thanks to Stephan Brumme for Fast CRC32.



Many thanks to Dina, Dieter, Juergen, Dietward, Urban, Bud, Rick and Josh who are and have been helping us make EventSentry better, better and better!



Many thanks to Mihai, Eduardo and Jupiter Technology for helping us translate the web reporting into additional languages.


The PostgreSQL ODBC driver.

The PostgreSQL database.