Traps to Event Log

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Traps to Event Log

To log SNMP traps to the event log, click the "Traps to Event Log" tab, check the "Log to the APPLICATION Event Log" check box and specify the severity under which incoming traps should be logged as.




EventSentry will log all traps to the application event log with the following event properties:


SNMP Version

Event Source

Event ID

v1, v2c

EventSentry Network Services



EventSentry Network Services




By default, no incoming SNMP traps will be logged to the event log. Click the + icon to add strings that will trigger event log alerts.


Include: Log all SNMP traps, except for exclusions below

This setting will log all SNMP traps to the event log. SNMP traps containing strings that are listed below will not be logged to the event log.


Exclude: Only log SNMP traps that are included below

This is the default setting, and will only log SNMP traps to the event log that match the strings listed below. This allows you to only send content to the event log that matches your filters.



Add a heading and/or trailing asterisk when specifying a partial string match. When filtering traps, EventSentry will evaluate the strings you specify against the trap id, as well as the numerical OIDs, text OIDs and actual values of all trap bindings.