Manually updating the Service(s)

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Manually updating the Service(s)

This section describes how to update the EventSentry services manually.


On the Local Machine

The service for the local agent, heartbeat service, collector and/or network services can be manually updated. Depending on the component that requires an update, click on one of the following icons in the left tree:





Network Services


Then, click the Update button on the component's dialog. You will be prompted to point to the folder where the new version of the service will be located.




After you confirm the dialog box with Yes the


service will be stopped

the service executable will be replaced

and the service will be restarted (if it was running before the update)


On Multiple Remote Machines


1.Make sure that the computer from which you are performing the remote update has the latest version of the service installed or access to the latest service executable.

2.Add all the computers you wish to update into the appropriate group(s).
3.Right click "Computer Groups" or the group that requires an update and select "Manage Agent(s) -> Upgrade".
4.The service on the remote machines will be stopped, the service executable updated, and the service restarted. Please note that the service will only be restarted on the those computers where the service was running.