Updating to v3.5

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Updating to v3.5

Running the latest EventSentry installer will update an existing 3.x installation to the latest 3.5.1 build. Prior to running the installer, you should back up your settings (Home > Export in the console) and back up your database.  After the setup has completed and all files were updated, the configuration assistant will update all configured databases to the latest schema and update the local heartbeat agent (if installed) to 64-bit. See below for additional details.


Updating from v3.3 and later

Version 3.4 and later ship with a 64-bit version of the Web Reports, the installer will automatically upgrade an existing 32-bit web reports installation by uninstalling the old and re-installing the new 64-bit version during setup. It is recommended to backup all configuration files and some settings may need to be edited manually after the upgrade, see KB 370 for more details.


Updating from v3.2

Version 3.3 introduced a number of important changes, including a new version of the built-in database. Click here for more information. Also see updating from v3.3 above.


Updating from v3.0 or v3.1

Version 3.2 introduced the new collector component, see Collector for more information. Also see updating from version 3.2 and v3.3 above.


Updating from v2.9x

When updating from EventSentry v2.9x, refer to Updating to v3.0 for a list of major changes which affect an update to version 3.x. A configuration update (File -> Export) through the management console is recommended prior to upgrading. The update procedure is identical to "Updating from v3.0" listed above.