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Heartbeat Monitoring

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Heartbeat monitoring complements the agent-based monitoring of the event logs and system health. With the heartbeat monitoring feature you can monitor remote hosts from one central location.


Heartbeat monitoring supports the following monitoring features:


1. Ping

Monitor remote hosts using ICMP packets. This feature is highly customizable as you can define the number and size of packets sent, and how many percent you expect to go through.


2. TCP

Verify that applications that are listening on TCP ports (e.g. web server, email server) are active by checking one or more TCP ports.


3. EventSentry Agent

The heartbeat agent can monitor the status of the EventSentry event log and system monitoring agent to make sure that it is active and running.


4. SNMP Monitoring

Non-Windows machines (e.g. switches, routers, Unix-based hosts) can be monitored via SNMP to retrieve SNMP counters (performance, disk space) and system information.


Heartbeat monitoring offers the following reports and alerting methods:


1. Web Reports through EventSentry Web Reports

The heartbeat agent can write the current status of hosts and record a history of status changes in a database. You can then view real-time reports through the same web reports you are already using for event log and system health.


2. Local HTML status pages

If you do not have a web server and/or database available, the heartbeat agent will create HTML pages that you can either view through the management console or with a web browser.


3. Alerting through any supported EventSentry alerting method

In addition to the real-time reports you can be alerted of critical status changes by any of the notification changes supported by the EventSentry agent (email, Syslog, SNMP, etc.). For example, you can receive an email when a host goes offline and/or back online. Please note that the EventSentry agent will need to be installed in addition to the heartbeat agent for this to work.