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EventSentry is a Windows versatile monitoring suite that monitors event logs, log files, system health, Active Directory and NetFlow. The application consists of the following main components:


Management Console

EventSentry Agent

Heartbeat Agent

Network Services


Web Reporting


Management Console

The management console does not perform any monitoring and is only used to install, setup and configure the agents on the local and/or remote machines. The management application can be installed on as many machines as you obtained licenses, although one or two installations per network are usually sufficient. You can also launch the management application any computer by running the eventsentry_gui.exe file. Click here for an overview of the Management Application.


Event Log, Log File, System Health & Compliance Agent

The EventSentry agents run as a Windows service and are not dependent on the management console. Once the agent is configured by the management console it will run silently in the background as a service, and will monitor the event logs and system health according to your configuration.



Figure 1



When monitoring Windows-based hosts, then the agent must be installed on every computer that is being monitored.


Heartbeat Agent

The EventSentry heartbeat agent monitors the availability of remote hosts through ping (ICMP) and TCP connections as well as the status of the EventSentry event log agents. The heartbeat agent also polls Non-Windows devices via SNMP GET requests to obtain SNMP counters.


Network Services

The "EventSentry network services service" includes the Syslog, SNMP trap, Netflow and ARP watch daemon. Non-Windows hosts (e.g. Unix, Linux) and network devices send Syslog messages and SNMP traps to this service.



The collector service enables a 3-tier architecture between an action (e.g. database, email server) and the EventSentry agents, which allows the remote agents to transmit all data securely and reliably. The collector supports compression and secure data transmission via TLS encryption. The collector is optional, without it the agents communicate directly with the respective actions (e.g. database).


EventSentry ADMonitor

Monitors a Active Directory domain (and optionally sub domains) for all object and Group Policy changes and provides a list of all user accounts as well as password reminder emails. ADMonitor also includes additional tools to query AD data natively without requiring the web reports.


Web Reports

The web-based reporting provides a visual interface to the collected log and system health data. It provides:


A variety of dashboards and network status overview pages

Summary views of all collected data (Event log, log files, compliance data, ...)

Detailed search pages

Trend graphs for performance, disk space and environment data

Software and hardware inventory pages

Scheduled reporting with HTML, PDF, CSV and other output options