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An event log package is used to group one or more filters (usually more than one) into one logical entity that can then be assigned to one or more computers or groups. Filters are rules that define which events are being forwarded to which notification.


Event Log Package Options

In addition to the general package options, event log packages can be


configured as "Catch-All Notification" packages

configured to ignore exclude filters from other packages

be triggered to be activated when a certain service is installed


See Package Options for more information.


Built-In Event Log Packages

NETIKUS.NET maintains a set of event log packages that contain common filter rules. These event log packages are installed automatically with EventSentry and can be updated automatically over the Internet. See Downloading Packages for more information.



Event log packages contain one or more filters and folders. For example, you can be emailed of certain errors from the Application event log, paged of certain events in the System log, yet forward all events (regardless of their properties) to a database. You can also apply thresholds to filters (for example to detect event log entries that occur at least X times during a given time period) and create recurring filters, which alert you when a certain event did not occur. See Filters for more information.


Adding Pre-Defined Event Log Filters

Filters can be added quickly from the EventSentry KB or HowTo articles by copying their JSON syntax to the clipboard and then clicking the Paste button in the ribbon.


Applying Event Log Packages

To apply an event log package, right-click the package and select "Assign". In the resulting dialog select a group or computer to apply the package to.


Creating and Deleting Event Log Packages

To create a new filter package right-click the Event Log Packages container and select Add Package or right-click a package and select Add.


To delete a package, right-click the package and select delete. All filters contained in the event log package will also be deleted.