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Assigning Packages

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Packages need to be assigned before they will be used by a computer. You can assigned to the following:


All computers (= global assignments)

One or more groups

One or more computers


The EventSentry management console lets you assign packages either by right-clicking the actual packages, or by right-clicking the group or computer objects. This gives you more flexibility when configuring and working with packages.



Packages can also be assigned automatically, either depending on one or more installed service(s), or depending on the operating system of the monitored host.


shipment_global_24 Setting packages to be global

To configure a package as global and apply to all computers you can:


Right-click the package and select "Global".

Right-click the package and select "Edit" which will bring you to the package options. There, check the "Global Package" checkbox which will change the package icon accordingly.

Right-click the "Computer Groups" container and select "Assign Package(s) ...". From this dialog you can toggle the Global flag for more than one package at one time.


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Servers Assigning packages to groups

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computer_24 Assigning packages to computers

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shipment_unassigned_24 Unassigned packages

Packages that are unassigned will appear gray in the package list and will not be loaded by the EventSentry agent.