Service Control

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Service Control

You can use the Services menu to manage the EventSentry agent, and other EventSentry services. The Agent section supports the following controls:



Start:        Start the service

Stop:        Stop the service

Restart:        Restart the service


Install:        Manually install the service

Uninstall:        Manually uninstall the service


Startup Type:  Switch the service startup type from Automatic to Manual and vice versa

Update:            Update the service executable

Debug Level:   Change the agent diagnostic logging level.  Recommended value: High

View:              View the agent diagnostic log now.


The check boxes Files/Service indicate whether the necessary files and the service are properly installed.



The "EventSentry" service is the main service monitoring the event log, services, disk space etc..



It is not possible to manage the agent on remote computers using the Services menu. Instead, use the "Groups" tab of the toolbar to manage agents on remote computers.


For more information, see the Managing Agents chapter.


Heartbeat Monitor

The "EventSentry Heartbeat Monitor" service is used to monitor remote hosts and remote Event Log Agents.


Debugging & Testing

To verify if the service is operating correctly you can press the Create Test Events button. This will create three event log records that should be detected by the service as long as you are monitoring the Application event log and Information, Warning or Error event records.




The Current Version shows the version of the service as it was reported by the service when it was started the last time.


Debug Level

The EventSentry agent writes status messages to the event log and/or to a log file (%SYSTEMROOT%\eventsentry_svc_X.log) upon request. It is recommended to use level "High" in case you experience problems with the service. The log files will not grow beyond 64MB.