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Introducing EventSentry

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Full-spectrum, monitoring & compliance solution

for servers and workstations.



This is the official documentation for EventSentry, the comprehensive resource that describes all features of EventSentry. Please note that all topics are directly linked from the Management Console and can be accessed by clicking the Help button throughout the management console.


Other resources are also available for first-time users that might be more helpful for getting started with the product:


Web-Based Tutorials

Screen Casts

EventSentry Overview

Best Practices


Other Formats

This manual is also available in the following formats at http://www.eventsentry.com/support/documentation:


Adobe PDF (.pdf)

Microsoft Help Format (.chm)

iPad / iBook



Answers to most questions can be found in the various areas on the product web site http://www.eventsentry.com, including the knowledge base and forums. If you have a question or problem with EventSentry, please try to find an answer through the following resources:


Search all available resources online at http://www.eventsentry.com

Search the Knowledge Base at http://www.eventsentry.com/support/kb

Search the Forums at http://forums.netikus.net/


Email and telephone support is also available to registered and evaluation users. Please see below for a list of support options:


Fill out our web form

Send an email to support@netikus.net




Thank you for using EventSentry!


Your NETIKUS.NET team.