Moving EventSentry to a new server

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Moving EventSentry to a new server

If you installed EventSentry on one server/workstation and want to migrate the installation, including the management console and its settings to a new machine, then follow the steps below.



Please note that these instructions do not include instructions for moving the database to a different database server. Please see your database manual for more information on how to move a database.


1.Backup the configuration with the management console through the Home -> Export menu. This will create a .reg file that contains your entire EventSentry configuration. We will refer to this file as ESConfigBackup.reg. Save this file in the installation directory of EventSentry, C:\Program Files (x86)\EventSentry by default.

2.If you setup credentials on one or more groups or computers, then start the registry editor regedit.exe, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\\EventSentry and backup this key by right-clicking it and selecting Export. Save this file as ESUserConfigBackup.reg.

3.Make a backup copy of the EventSentry installation directory or zip the directory into an archive, e.g.

4.Copy this archive or the entire folder to the target computer into a temporary folder, we suggest that you keep this file/folder for a few weeks before you delete it.

5.On the new machine, double-click the ESConfigBackup.reg file to import the settings into the registry.

6.Start the setup on the new machine and proceed to the Custom Setup dialog which allows you to select the features that are to be installed.

7.Do not select any of the database features unless you plan on setting up a new database instance from scratch on the machine, such as setting up a new Postgres instance for your new server. The existing database settings will be used on the new machine.

8.If you are migrating the web reports to the new machine as well then make sure that EventSentry Web Reports feature is selected.

9.Proceed with the installation, and during the Configuration Assistant phase select any of the other features that are needed in your environment, such as Heartbeat Agent, Network Services, Collector, and so forth.

10.If you are moving the web reports as well, then copy the C:\Program Files\EventSentry\Webreports\conf folder from the old machine to the new machine after the installation is finished.  Restart the EventSentry Web Reports service on the new machine.

11.If you exported the user configuration in step 2 then double-click the ESUserConfigBackup.reg file in Windows explorer to import those settings.

12.If you moved any of your infrastructure that is used by one or more actions (e.g. SMTP server, database server, etc.) then ensure that you are updating the respective actions, so that they point to new location.  Click the Test button in the action settings to ensure that the new server can connect to the modified action destination..

13.If you made any configuration changes then make sure that you are pushing the latest configuration to the monitored hosts.  If you modified any action settings, you'll also need to restart the local components (Home > Services) and, if not using the Collector, restart all of the remote agent services (Groups > Other Actions > Restart > Go) for the new action settings to take effect.


14.If you have any Syslog or SNMP Trap senders then you will need to reconfigure them to send to the new server.


You should at this point be ready to manage your EventSentry settings as usual.