Remote Agent Installation

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Remote Agent Installation

You can install the EventSentry agent on remote machines in several ways:


Remote Update

The preferred and easiest way to install the EventSentry agents on remote computers is to use remote update. With remote update you can install agents, update them to the latest version or push the latest configuration. See below if you are using the "Collector" service.


EventSentry MSI

If the monitored computers are part of an Active Directory environment or if you are running other software that supports the deployment of MSI files, then you can modify the included EventSentry EventSentry Agent MSI file and deploy the EventSentry agent in this way. This option might be preferable if you do not have access to the ADMIN$ share of the monitored computers. Please note that the free WIX Toolset is required to generate a MSI package for deployment in your network. Click here for more information.



Once the agents are deployed (either via the management console or with MSI files), the collector can patch the remote agents to the latest version and also automatically transfer the latest configuration (more info).



The default administrative share ADMIN$ (which shares the %SYSTEMROOT% directory) will need to exist in order to deploy the agents with the management console.