Purging Records Automatically

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Purging Records Automatically

Starting with version 2.71 you can automatically purge records from PostgreSQL, MSSQL, MySQL and Oracle databases using the es_db_purge.exe command-line application. You can either run this tool at your convenience, or you can automatically schedule it to run on a regular basis (e.g. every Sunday) to completely automate the process of permanently removing old data.


The utility lets you specify which feature you would like to purge (e.g. event log data and performance data) and how many days you would like to keep (e.g. 180 days).


The database purge utility works through ODBC (the same way all other components of EventSentry connect to databases) and can be configured using command-line arguments.



All data purged by this application will be permanently erased and only be accessible when restored from a working backup.


See Database Purge Utility for more information.