Parallel Printer

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Parallel Printer

EventSentry can print event log entries on a printer capable of interpreting ASCII characters sent to the parallel port. Most matrix printers on the market support that.


One example for printing event log entries is for audit failures of the security event log. Attach a matrix printer to a mission critical server and print audit failures to the matrix printer. In this case, even if an attacker manages to remotely clear the log files, no information is lost.




The port where the printer is connected to, supported are LPT1, LPT2 or LPT3.


Buffer Length

If the printer is offline then EventSentry will buffer up to Buffer Length event log entries. The buffer size can between 256 and 32768.


To test if your printer will function properly simply attach it to the selected parallel port and hit Test. If the printer prints a test line then you will be able to use this printer.



EventSentry can only print to the parallel port if no other application is using the selected port. In addition you will need to make sure that no installed windows printer is configured to use the selected printer port. Otherwise the spooler service will receive and process EventSentry's output which will not yield the desired results.