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EventSentry can launch any external process and pass command line arguments to the process. Processes can either be visible on the desktop or run in the background.


When this notification is triggered, EventSentry will log an event to the event log indicating whether the process was launched successfully or not.





Specify the file to be executed in the Filename field. You can either specify or select an existing script with the "Browse" button, or select an embedded script with the drop-down menu. Embedded scripts are specified with the @ symbol in front of the file.


Command Line Arguments

These are custom arguments that you can pass to the process. You can use variables in this field, for example insertion strings ($STR1, $STR2, ...).


Runtime Argument 1 .. 10

Here you can pass the event record details to the process. All arguments are enclosed in quotes, only the first 768 characters of the actual event message are passed to the process.


The command line for the screenshot above could look like this:


cscript.exe c:\temp\dosprint\eventprint.vbs "Application" "Warning" "EventSentry" "Service Monitoring" 10100 "" "DBSERVER" "7/27/2008 3:15:23 PM" "The status of service MySQL (MySQL) changed from Running to Stopped.


See Options for more configuration options.