Web Reports

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Web Reports

The web reports are the reporting tool for all data collected by EventSentry. The web reports require that one or more EventSentry databases are setup.


The web reports can either be installed as part of the main EventSentry setup (recommended), or downloaded from the customer area and installed separately. When installed separately, they can either be installed on the same machine where the main setup was run, or on a different machine.



64-bit Systems

The web reports are installed in C:\Program Files\EventSentry\WebReports by default.


32-bit Systems

The web reports are installed into the WebReports sub directory of the main installation, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\EventSentry\WebReports.


1a. Installation with the main EventSentry Installer

To install the web reports with the installer, make sure that the "Web Reports" component is selected. See Local Installation for more details on the installation process.


You can now navigate with your web browser to the index page, e.g. http://yourserver:8080/


2b. Installation with the separate web reports installer

To perform a manual installation of the web reports, using the separate web reports installer (e.g. eventsentry_webreports_v3_4_1_0_windows_setup.exe), download the installer from the customer area and simply run the installer.


The stand-alone installer can be run on Windows, Linux and/or OS X. The web reports can be installed on any host which has direct access to the database.


An installation alongside an existing EventSentry installation is also possible, but running the main installer which includes the web reports is recommended in that case. If the web reports installer was installed along side an existing EventSentry installation, then it can be uninstalled at any time.


3. Configuration Files

All settings in the web reports are stored in XML configuration files.


document_text_gear_16 configuration.xml

This is the main configuration file for the web reports and automatically configured during the product installation. The file contains all profiles properties as well as global settings for troubleshooting.


document_text_gear_16 preferences.xml

This file contains all global as well as user-specific preferences.


document_text_gear_16 reports.xml

This file contains a list of all available reports.


document_text_gear_16 jobs.xml

This file contains a list of all configured jobs.


document_text_gear_16 users.xml

Controls access control and, when enabled, a list of all users and groups.