Troubleshooting Databases

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Troubleshooting Databases

Solutions for common problems with the ODBC action:


If you are using DSN names (not recommended) then make sure that the DSN name you specified is a System DSN. User DSN names are not supported.


The DSN name you specified must match an existing System DSN that points to the correct database. These data source names (DSN) need to be setup on every computer where the EventSentry agent/service is installed. You can use AutoAdministrator to easily roll out data source names to multiple computers.


Use connection strings instead of System DSNs to avoid having to setup the DSN on target computers.


Make sure that all the necessary ODBC drivers for your database server are installed correctly on the host where EventSentry is installed. Microsoft Windows 2000 and higher ship with SQL Server drivers installed by default. All other drivers will have to be installed manually.


The database needs to be setup and initialized as described in the previous chapter.


This action logs the following events to the application event log with the EventSentry event source in case of an error:

Event Log 32 n t

Event IDs

Event ID



A specific feature is unable to connect to the database.


An error occurred connecting to the specified database.


The following errors or warnings occurred within the last 5 minutes while communicating with the database:


<list of errors>