Upgrading from EventSentry Light

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Upgrading from EventSentry Light

If you have purchased EventSentry after evaluating EventSentry Light then you will need to upgrade all EventSentry Light installations.


To upgrade to EventSentry after using EventSentry Light you will need to upgrade one computer manually (1. below) and then, if you have multiple installations, perform a remote update (2. below). You can also update the service manually on each computer if you wish.


1. On the Local (template) Machine


1.If you are upgrading from EventSentry Light Version 1.x and installed it with the installer then you will need to uninstall  EventSentryLight v1.x first. Otherwise just skip this step.
2.Install EventSentry with the setup program.


2. On Multiple Remote Machines


1.Make sure that the computer from which you are performing the remote update has the latest and full version of EventSentry installed (see above).
2.Add all the computers you wish to update to the remote update - either manually or by importing them.
3.Choose Update from the Manage Agent(s) submenu.
4.The service on the remote machines will be stopped, the service executable updated, and the service restarted. Please note that the service will only be restarted on the those computers where the service was running.