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Web Reports

The Java-Based web reports provide the reporting capabilities of EventSentry by making all data collected & consolidated by the EventSentry agents visually available. The web reports can either be installed as part of the main EventSentry setup, or separately with the stand-alone web reports installer.


The web reports can be installed on host on the network as long as it has direct network access to the database server. The web reports can be installed on the following platforms:






The web reports installer can be downloaded from the customer area. A live demo of the web reports is also available at http://www.eventsentry.com/livedemo.



The Java-based web reports replace the IIS-based web reports from earlier versions of EventSentry and introduce a variety of new functionality including jobs, more granular searching syntax and improved reporting options.



Support for multiple languages is available in the web reports, but at the time of writing no translations have been implemented. Please contact us at support@netikus.net if you would like contribute a translation in your language.


Browser Support

The web reports work with most modern browsers, including Internet Explorer (7 and higher), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. Mobile browsers on the iOS and Android platforms are also supported.



The web reports do not require any browser plug-ins on the clients (e.g. Java, Flash or Silverlight).


Access Control

Access to the web reports can be restricted so that only users with valid credentials can access the web-based reporting. Users and groups are always created within the web reports, but authentication can optionally be deferred to a LDAP server. Access control lets users be restricted to certain features (e.g. restrict a user to performance reports) or restricted to only view data from certain computers (e.g. restrict a user to only view logs from non-classified servers).


SSL/TLS Support

Web traffic to and from the web reports can be encrypted using SSL / TLS by following instructions in KB article 371.



The web reports require Java 8 (only on the server where the web reports are installed). EventSentry automatically installs and maintains Java as part of its update / patch cycles.