On-premise SIEM
Control your IT Security

EventSentry provides the ability to detect and respond to potential threats in real-time, ensuring the protection of valuable data and maintaining IT compliance.



Log Monitoring

Real-time event log monitoring and remediation.


Validation Scripts

Evaluate security settings across your Windows servers.



Help you keep an eye on key performance indicators.



Built-in dashboards with detailed reporting.


Real-time Alerts

Immediately trigger alerts and corrective actions.


Active Directory

Search object changes down to the attribute level.



Quickly spot unusual activity on your network.


Change Detection

Identify unexpected changes the moment they occur.

Deploy quickly, monitor in real-time

Keep your data

Air gapped or connected networks

Setup in minutes
Built-in rules
Cost effective
Easy to use
Friendly support

What is SIEM?

On-premise SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) monitoring offers unparalleled control and customization for your organization's security needs. With the ability to monitor and analyze log data in real-time, you can quickly detect and respond to potential security threats, ensuring the safety of your valuable data.

The benefits of on-premise SIEM monitoring are numerous, including increased security, improved troubleshooting and cost savings, better performance, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

In addition, on-premise SIEM monitoring provides valuable insights into user behavior and system usage patterns, allowing you to make informed business decisions. With on-premise SIEM monitoring, your organization can take control of its security and proactively protect against the latest threats.

The cloud is just someone else's computer

On-premise SIEM

Data Privacy

Your organization has full control over the data that is stored.

Local Performance

Events are processed in real-time directly at the source.

Full Visibility

Monitor all local devices to provide a comphensive security solution.


No surprise costs

No Subscription

You own the current version with one free year of maintenance.

No Data Limit

Collect as much data as required with no unexpected bills.

No Sensor Limit

Once the system is licensed, monitor all security / health metrics.

Getting started with EventSentry is easy

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    Start an evaluation

    FREE fully functional for 30-days

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    Install EventSentry

    Quick installation / Monitor in minutes

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    Centralize audit logs

    Built-in dashboards / reports

Powerful and flexible SIEM solution

Whether you are meeting a compliance requirement or simply being proactive, EventSentry's unmatched functionality will bring visibility into your IT infrastructure and increase uptime.

365 days

FREE support and updates with new licenses

172 +

Validation Scripts for latest security recommendations

273 +

software version checks

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