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Robert McCool
IT Manager
City of Union City, GA
Just this week, one of our mission critical servers was showing high memory usage. Event Sentry informed me of the problem and I was able to remediate it just before the recent snow storm that hit metro Atlanta.
Jared Hinerman
Operations Analyst
Creehan & Company
Thank You for your prompt response, Admittedly I had forgotten about the actual Help document. I have become so accustomed to them not holding relevant information that I often overlook them as a resource. So for providing one that actually delivers proper "help" my hat is off to NETIKUS.
Mike W.
Sr. Network Engineer and IT Security Administrator
East Alabama Medical Center
EventSentry has more uses than a Swiss Army Knife!
Brian T.

As long as you guys keep making great stuff at a great price, we will keep ordering.

Rising Medical Solutions
Great phone support, makes all the difference between your company and everyone else. It is very reassuring to know I can always call and get help with configuration issues.
Chris O'Hare

This is one of few software packages that really is fun and useful to have, and well worth the price. And one of the best support teams I've dealt with.
Dan Hebert

Amador County Unified School District
Just wanted you to know I'm still loving this product. Got into the custom event logs and monitoring Server 2008 task scheduler logs. Good stuff!
John Snyder

Net Friends, Inc
Compliance Tracking is one of the most impressive and unique features of your product - truly awesome for us to have this option to leverage for our audit reports. Strong work on this tool.
Jeff Farris
President & CEO
BubbleLife Media LLC
We produce neighborhood news at the website hosted by Peer1 using their managed services. While Peer1 is great with the major hardware issues they don't know our applications. We use EventSentry on our all our production servers to help us monitor our site and site-related issues. At least once a month, an EventSentry alert has prevented a budding disaster and regularly gives me more insight into application issues. This has allowed me to focus more time or product development and less time on server management. EventSentry is the first thing we install on new servers.
Tim Ziegler
Information Technology Director
Your product has helped not only pass our SOX audits, but I use it on a daily basis to watch for errors in our environment and get them corrected. I think you have a great product.
Jeff G.
Rover Apps
I liked EventSentry a lot, and will certainly recommend it to our customers with event log monitoring needs. We were looking for something to recommend, not too much for internal use -- we're delivering a mobile application platform which generates events for new devices, security issues, and such, and thought we should make sure it worked well with monitoring tools. Yours was the one we tested with, and it was great. Thanks!
Jan Hebnes
Head of .Net Development
1 5 0 8 A/S
We build websites on Sitecore and Umbraco and some of our larger setups typically contain a cms and two front servers that all require monitoring. Following a process starting from one server and ending on another used to be a challenging task. With EventSentry we now collect all log information in a central database and can very easily follow processes through all server setups, on different client environments. EventSentry provides us with full monitoring of server and application logs on our client environments and there servers. Instead of being passive, waiting for the client to get an error and contact us, we can now be active in the resolution of issues before the customer actually experiences the error themselves. EventSentry has helped us improve customer satisfaction and application stability.

No problem, happy to renew. I love the constant updates with your system as well as the flexibility. I hope you continue to improve it and after viewing the road map, the 64-bit clients and some other features will be much appreciated. Seems like you guys are doing a great job with a nicely priced product.
Jamie H.
Director of IS&T, HIPAA Security Officer
PrimeWest Health
In a day and age where everything has a maintenance agreement, this is one of the few that stand out as being genuinely worthwhile. The technician support is fantastic, the updates are regular and timely, and the product works like it is supposed to. Please keep up the great work!
Carl Neumann
Vice President
We've been using EventSentry for a long time, and it still is the best value of almost all the utilities we have ever used. Always works. It is almost a problem because it makes us invisible to our clients when we fix things before THEY know there is a problem. Then they wonder why they need us when they have no problems :)
Manuel R. Tamez
Systems Administrator
Doctors Hospital at Renaissance
You guys rock! Every single time I had required tech support the outcome has been successful and besides very professional and polite.
Jason Luke

I just wanted to post someplace and tell someone how much I'm loving this product. With the "complete tracking" package, the syslog daemon, the screencasts (more screencasts!), basically I'm just in awe at how wonderfully this works.

I knew I was purchasing an event log monitor, but this goes so far beyond that calling it "event log" montior just doesn't do justice to a truly amazing product.

Maybe something like "you can sleep at night" Sentry, or "get ahead of problems" monitor.

Thank you so much for this. There are simply not enough words within me to convey my apprecation to the entire team for this fantastic set of tools.
Jeff Stevens

James River Insurance Company
I just wanted to say that the support from the sales and technical people at Netikus has been nothing short of stellar -- great service!
Chris Deegan
I.T. Manager
Rutledge Engineering, Australia
We initially implemented System Center Essentials 2007 across our organization to monitor the health of our systems, only to then find that maintaining, patching and fixing SCE took more time than fixing the systems it was supposed to be monitoring! We then looked at every product on the market and were fortunate enough to evaluate EventSentry. It was up and running in minutes, leveraging our enterprise SQL, IIS and Exchange infrastructure. The visibility of our systems was mind blowing. We were able to pick up on things that SCE had missed for over a year.

Since purchasing EventSentry (an easy decision given its low cost), our IT infrastructure has been rock solid, reliable and most importantly, maintainable. Everything is running beautifully here...Even better is the reporting. The company Directors are very impressed with the types of reporting I can get out of EventSentry. Whether it be compliance, performance or security - the reports EventSentry generate are accurate, succinct and relevant.

EventSentry has made my job far more enjoyable than what it was when I was trying to monitor my systems with SCE!

Thanks Netikus!
Leonard C.

Advanced Benefit Advisors
Very Pleased with how easy it was to set up and how it started to work when the installation was finished. I also used Level Platforms and Kaseya and both were nightmares. I couldnt believe how easy this product was.
Lyle Severance
Technology Directory
Cass City Public Schools
Great pricing and the feature set was outstanding. Please continue to keep EventSentry the best value in system management software.
Mike Anderson
IT Security Manager
EventSentry helped us quickly implement a log monitoring solution that was effective. EventSentry's out of the box templates especially helped us implement the product quickly and with minimal configuration on our part.
BL Hayes

Certified Languages
I have looked around for years for a computer monitoring solution before finally reading my Windows IT Pro magazine. That's where I found out about EventSentry, which looked to good to be true.

Now I have policy and machine management, plus software inventory (and more features) in one place without having to read every event log on every machine. If you aren't using EventSentry, take the trial and don't spend the coin on something else until you have.

Right from the installation it requires very little tweaking to get started, plus the support is as good, if not better, than a large company we all know that charges $250/incident.
Craig Muirhead

Your software rocks, I'm using it right now to troubleshoot an issue where we are trying to catch a process that is accessing data on a server and the fact that the server now sends us e-mail the instant the event occurs is invaluable!
Peter Briggs
Senior Network Administrator
SIATech, Inc.
I looked at multiple products including EventTracker, GFI, and Dorian to name a few. After a couple of weeks of using EventSentry and seeing the reasonable cost compared to other products I was hooked on EventSentry. We have purchased EventSentry and are very happy with it so far.
Marvin Gordon
IT Manager
Mid MN Legal
Having been in IT for over 25 years, I know that developers and support staff typically only hear about things going WRONG.

We have ten remote sites we support and six of those host Windows 2003 Servers with no local support staff. EventSentry really makes life easier for my staff in the central office! The product makes managing multiple servers literally effortless. It is powerful and flexible. The performance tracking ability is great for capacity planning.

Netikus support has also been very responsive. I wish I could say that about all of our vendors....

Thanks again. Your efforts are appreciated!
Ivan Salazar
IT Manager
Del Monte Fresh Produce Subsidiary (Bandeuga)
Thanks to EventSentry I have a better control in my servers, this kind of tools reduces the management time and brings more control.
Terry Ly
Server Administrator
Excellent Technical Support! Technical support personel is very knowlegeable and supportive. Bravo Zulu to your team.
Jim Upwood
System Administrator
Bond, Schoeneck & King
After reviewing many event collection products, we chose EventSentry. The main reason for choosing this product was its ability to scale well beyond the competition. We have over 100 devices we monitor, many of which are on a WAN. The idea of using an agent to communicate with the logging server is what gets the job done. I recommend any system admin. who wants to be proactive in the management of their systems, to purchase this product.

This company really has it's act together. The web site is clean, the patch management to your products is amazing, even the fact you tell your users what is coming in the next release, etc. I can tell, that the people who founded this company really know their stuff, their technical knowledge is superior, and they definitely know how to run a technology business. I appreciate the effort you have all put in and keep up the excellent work!
Milan Banjac
Network Administrator, Serbia
EventSentry is an amazing product. It gives us confidence to know exactly what is going on with our servers. The web reports are my favorite - they are so flexible that they provide a way to manage performance data over long periods of time and to monitor the trends.

The best thing about EventSentry is the support. It is by far the best support team we have ever had a chance to work with. Their knowledge and experience gives them the ability to answer swiftly and efficiently to any question regarding EventSentry.

Documentation for the product is brilliant, but it is a great pleasure to have your questions and problems resolved in such a professional manner just few minutes after you submitted the problem. EventSentry gives us the power to work proactively and to be in control of our network, and it is definitely a product I will always be praising to all of my tech colleagues.
Jason M.
Systems Administrator
The support team at EventSentry is extremely responsive. The support our internal team has received has been quick, concise and fit the level of technical expertise we needed. We have always received direct answers to our needs and many times support that was above and beyond what we expected.
Phill Hardstaff
Senior Support Engineer
Secretariat of the Pacific Community
This product does everything I wanted, in one very small footprint, easy to deploy package, it also does things MOM cannot do, one of the neat ones being that each agent emails it's alerts from the server it is monitoring, that means that if the central configuration / database server goes down everything still keeps working and events will go back into the database when the box comes back up, each agent also talks direct to the database server, the main role of the central server is to change the configuration and deploy to the agents.

You can also choose between using MySQL and SQL Server as your database, based on what I have seen so far MSDE would be a good enough fit, I strongly recommend using either MSDE or SQL server with this product, it just works better, if you want to use MySQL you have to deploy the MYSQL ODBC driver to each server, no big deal but I had heaps of trouble with high CPU usage with MySQL 5.x and went back to MSDE.

You can also attach a temperature and humidity sensor to the servers with agents, this works really well and logs both of these to the event log, which in turn it processes, mine sends me an email if my server room goes over 26 degrees C. Apart from that, setting up filters is a snap, they are just very basic include or exclude filters, that can be based on any part of an event, i.e., just the event number, or very fine grained, like event number, log, and with a certain word in them etc etc
Harold Krongelb-Heimer
Heimer Engineering, P.E.
There is a lot of information placed in the event logs, most of it of little importance to the day-to-day operation of our network. This program filters out most of the noise, so the important information is at my fingertips. The system proved its worth when anti-virus definition updates failed on a half-dozen of our workstations. I found out immediately, and was able to correct the problem. Considering the volume of email that we receive, there could have been disasterous results I was not immediately aware of the problem.
Ed Clark
Department Head of Technology/Business/Computers
John Paul II Catholic Secondary School
EventSentry is an excellent tool to provide notification of system events and it is a great tool for learning what is happening within a system.
Alistair Cook

Alphameric Hospitality
EventSentry saves us considerable time in checking numerous server Event Logs throughout the day.

We receive regular summary mails from each machine containing all the events logged from the last summary. The service can be setup and configured on mutliple machines very quickly and events can be filtered & received in realtime from higher priority machines.

We find it a very cost-effective way to be pro-active in managing potential server & network issues.
Christopher Grunden
System Architect
The Titan Corporation
EventSentry has quickly become an essential tool in monitoring the health of critical infrastructure systems. The ability to centrally manage the installation and configuration of the monitoring agent (without having to stand up a cumbersome database server) has been key to a successful implementation in our multi-office environment.

Frankly, it was quite an eye-opener to be presented with the contents of the Event log for servers that appeared to be running problem-free.
Anthony G. Gunia
Unix Web Server Administrator
Purdue University Calumet
We use EventSentry to give us a "heads up" on anomalies that may occur on our Windows NT/2000 servers. It has helped in alerting us to potential break-in attempts, and in determining hardware/software problems as they occur which in turn mitigates disruption in service to our faculty, staff, and students.

Also, their Customer Service has been impeccable!
Paul Graham

Petrolink Global Infrastructure Support
Network security is of paramount concern to us, so when we reviewed our policies about logging we discovered our short comings, with over 15 servers in 4 locations across the world checking the Event Logs on a daily basis, really was a "daily" job, and as you know a small IT department can't spare an engineer to just sit and read logs all day.

The information contained within the event logs of a Windows based machine can provide you with that final clue as to why your server just crashed. With our servers, collecting and viewing this information manually would take hours, and hours is one thing you don't have during a server outage.

So we looked at EventSentry.

With EventSentry the logs are passed to a central repository or e-mailed to the system admins so that the appropriate actions can be taken. Now we can review the logs of all of our servers daily and it only takes fractions of an hour as opposed to fractions of a day.
Chantal Demers

Oberthur Gaming Technologies
We are very happy with this product and have rolled it out to all our servers. It is doing exactly what we were expected.
Steve Roberts

Muir Group
EventSentry is an excellent product which has reduced the time taken spent reviewing event logs on our servers. The ability to have email notification as soon as they happen has been brillant and has alerted us to any issues straight away. The user interface is good and the ability to push out the configurations to our servers from one central locations makes it very easy to use.
Joan Lindsay
Bill Wheeler
Michigan State Universities Libraries
Every administrator knows of the need to monitor logs, but even reading just the error messages in every file not only takes too long, it numbs the brain to the point that an important warning can easily be ignored. EventSentry does an amazing job of monitoring server event logs. We have EventSentry configured to e-mail the most important types of event log messages to our systems staff. We also have EventSentry configured to write all of our servers' event log messages into an ODBC database. With the EventSentry web interface we can query the database based on criteria such as severity, source, ID, date, and message text. This makes troubleshooting event log information quick and easy. The web interface also provides easy access to additional server information such as disk space monitoring.

With the Remote Administration feature we are able to install and manage EventSentry on all of our windows servers from one central location. The technical support for EventSentry is top-notch. We have always received excellent help.

I highly recommend EventSentry to anyone who maintains Windows servers. This is a very efficient and economical product. I wouldn't want to be without it.
Roger Abderhalden
InterSolutions GmbH
Even if we are a small company with only a few servers EventSentry helps us to detect potentially problems a long time before the problem actually hurts us.
Robert Logan
Network Administrator
EventSentry has been invaluable in alerting us to potential problems on our domain controllers and member servers on our Active Directory Forest. We use EventSentry's e-mail notification to alert our IT staff to critical events that occur on our servers, helping us sift through thousands of events.

Additionally, we started using EventSentry's capability to monitor critical services on our servers, and restart those services that have stopped. All in all, excellent bang for the buck!
Rick Kiser
Assistant Manager, IS Dept.
Island Hospital
I have been using and testing EventSentry almost from the beginning, starting back with the original EventWatchNT 1.0. I think I was probably one of the first users of the product. As a hard core nerd, I don't say "Gee-whiz!" very often, but EventSentry is "Gee-Whiz."

Dealing with the program and support has been a pleasure, the software is everything advertised and support is always available for assistance. Using EventSentry saves me many hours of tedious event log reading for 14 critical servers, the designated events are instantly sent to my email or my cell phone so I can tell when something needs me NOW!

Administration in the newest version is a snap, the push feature means I can update all 14 servers from my workstation whenever I want, no more going from server to server to tweak something.

I highly recommend EventSentry as a necessity to anyone running Windows servers.
Diana Lane
Network & Security Administrator
Town Pump, Inc.
EventSentry provides the filtering we need to separate the noise from the events that really need our attention. It has the flexibility to log many events to an SQL database and report on them daily or weekly, while notifying us immediately of critical events. We use its health monitors to ensure that we know about stopped services before our customers do, and to monitor disk space utilization. EventSentry has greatly decreased the amount of time we spend perusing event logs each day, while helping us to avert problems by finding abnormal situations early. When a new server comes online, we use the Remote Administration feature to immediately install EventSentry and update the configuration, then customize the configuration for that server. Since installing EventSentry, we have more time to devote to projects that help the company grow.

The ability to log events to a central database both allows us to search easily for a pattern of events across our network, whether on servers or on network infrastructure devices. It also gives us an added layer of protection in case event logs on the devices themselves should ever become unusable due to tampering or corruption. Timely event notifications help to ensure that we do not miss security-related "red flags" in the shuffle. The need for security as an integral part of business operations is ever-increasing and EventSentry helps to fulfill that need.

In addition, the technical support is outstanding. It is a pleasure to use the product and to do business with
Michael Ward

Massey University, NZ
My managers have been very impressed with the professional looking and clear design of the web site. Of particular interest are the disk space reports and charts - disk space has always been an issue for us, at least now we can track it to prove it!

Much easier to convince budget-conscious managers that we need more disk space by showing them the Disk Reports page with lots of red bars! You guys deserve a pat on the back for some work well done :-)
Sean Hendrickson
IT Director
Gallogly, Fernandez, and Riley, LLP
I started using EventSentry 4 months ago to enable me as a one person IT department to get control of all our various server event logs. The program has performed beyond my expectations. The people at NETIKUS.NET are very helpful and it's clear that they actively continue to support and build upon their software. I have recommended EventSentry to my colleagues, and will continue to do so into the future.
Eric Lundberg
Financial Information Network
I want to thank NETIKUS.NET for providing their event log monitoring software to us for the last few years. It has been an invaluable tool in assisting us to be proactive in our detection and prevention of system problems. We rely heavily on using centrally managed reliable monitoring products and EventSentry is definitely one of them.

You have made some great enhancements to the latest versions that has given us more confidence that we chose the right product for our event log monitoring.
Alistair Smith
Retail Service Manager
We are very happy with this product and have rolled it out successfully to over 700 locations. It is doing exactly what we want it to.
David Copper
Technical Director
Claimbase Ltd.
Monitoring server event logs is fundamental to maintaining a secure and healthy Windows network.

But for firms running more than a couple of servers, this review process is tedious and expensive in terms of technical resource. Our own research indicates that in many cases this function is treated as a low priority, and at worse, some legal IT departments are working completely in the dark as far as server health and security intrusions are concerned. In the latter category, some incorrectly assumed that their firewall would offer sufficient protection to cover all eventualities.

The EventSentry product would typically be configured to immediately alert technical staff of server issues by email, network broadcast and other means. EventSentry will also write events from all servers into an ODBC data source for later analysis, if required. Server alert configurations for the enterprise can be managed centrally using the remote administration feature.
Dietward Yska
System Administrator
Leiden University
Real-time event log monitoring is an essential part of our security policy and server health management. Whenever something happens on our servers, we want to know about it immediately.

This is where EventSentry comes in. Highly configurable alerting and filtering options create a level of flexibility rarely seen in other products. Fantastic support and constantly added new features make this product a must-have!
Dionys Henzen
Teamleader Support
Bucher & Suter AG
It's the perfect software to reduce administrative work and to optimize your overview. You can better control your infrastructure and minimize your respond time in case of failures. Just a must-have-tool for administrators!
Neil Everest
Infrastructure Engineer
We use eventsentry to monitor our backend application servers and are very pleased with the results.
Dave Ferguson
Network Administrator
Choice Technology Group, Canada
We chose EventSentry for its simple but effective approach. Over more than a year of use EventSentry has demonstrated its worth again and again. I am particularly impressed with the excellent technical support. The response time is unbelievable and the support personel stays on the problem until it is resolved.

I wholeheartedly recommend EventSentry.
Ross Warner
System Administrator
I researched appropriate software for alert notification in our 911 agency for quite some time. After testing several and selecting EventSentry, I found that it performed exactly as desired and expected. I especially appreciate the effective and immediate technical support during the process of install and setup. We currently depend upon this software 24x7!
Martin Hauser
IT Supervisor
Atlantic Methanol Production Company
One of the best buys for the money that I've ever seen. We run server farms on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, and we need to keep in touch with the servers at all times. Too often when a problem arose, we found that the event logs gave indications of potential problems before the problem occurred, but since we were always short-handed there was never enough time to browse the event logs looking for problems. EventSentry enables us to be proactive, to sniff out impending problems before they occur. And when a problem does occur suddenly and without warning, we are immediately aware of it and can take steps to fix it, often before the people at the local site even know anything has happened.

EventSentry is very configurable and is excellent for separating the important issues from the background information. The support staff were also very helpful, responding promptly with useful information and providing suggestions when we were unsure of how to address an issue. It is an excellent product, and the more we use it and fine-tune it to our specific needs, the better it becomes!
Davor Kuhelj
System Administrator
Bankart d.o.o., Slovenia
We started using EventSentry 5 months ago and we're very satisfied with the product. It's a great help with monitoring event logs on our servers. It provides the filtering we need to get the events that really need our attention as soon as possible.

We're also very pleased with support from the people at NETIKUS.NET. It's quick and very professional.