Compliance Validator

Check best practices, security frameworks and compliance requirements such as NIST, STIG, CMMC and many more.

Compliance Validator
Security Settings Validation

Automatically ensure that security policies and settings adhere to best practices. Validate password policies, user account settings, and encryption settings.

System Configuration Checks

Verify that system settings are optimized for both performance and stability. Ensure network configurations and critical updates are all correctly applied.

Compliance Auditing

Assist in compliance efforts by checking system configurations against industry standards and regulatory requirements, such as CMMC, HIPAA or PCI DSS.

In the ever-evolving landscape of IT, where new threats emerge daily and system complexity continues to increase, maintaining a secure and optimized server environment is not just a best practice; it's a necessity.

The challenge, however, lies in the time and expertise required to routinely check every aspect of your Windows servers for potential misconfigurations or vulnerabilities.

This is where our free tool, leveraging the power of
EventSentry Validation Scripts, comes into play.