Automating Remote Update

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Automating Remote Update

Remote update makes it easy to push configuration changes and update EventSentry agents on remote computers since you are not required to install the software on the remote hosts manually. However, administering a large amounts of hosts, especially in a WAN environment, can be a time-consuming task.


To address this issue we created a command-line version of the Remote Update feature (eventsentry_upd.exe) which you can schedule to run automatically at desired intervals using the Windows Scheduler (e.g. once a day). The EventSentry Remote Update Utility offers the following features:


Push the configuration to remote hosts

Only run when the configuration has changed

Log summary information to the event log

Automatically update remote computers to use the latest agent

Automatically install the agent on a remote host if it is not already installed

Automatically start the agent on a remote host if it is stopped


We recommend that you schedule the Remote Update Utility to run one or more times during the day (e.g. at night and in the morning), but you can also run it manually from the command-line. The Remote Update Utility consists of one file (eventsentry_upd.exe) and is installed into the EventSentry installation folder and supports the following command-line switches:


Scope (required)


Update computers in all groups.


Update computers in the specified group.



Log results to the event log (details)



Ensures that:


The remote agent is updated to the latest version if it is out-of-date

The EventSentry agent is installed if it isn't already

The EventSentry agent is started if it is stopped



If a host is unreachable, remote update will store the host name in a temporary file and attempt to contact the host again when the utility is called the next time and the configuration has not changed in the meantime.


If the configuration did change, then the utility will talk to all hosts again regardless.


Use Active Directory: If you have ActiveDirectory-Enabled groups (more info), then you should activate this option. Remote Update will refresh the computer list from Active Directory and install the agent on computers that have been added to an OU or group.


Do not ping remote hosts before attempting to an update


Uninstall the EventSentry agent from remote hosts


Force a configuration update even if the local configuration has not changed



Simply running eventsentry_upd.exe with a scope option (e.g. /allgroups) will push the latest configuration out to all hosts, but you can leverage the utility more by using some of the command-line options.


Example 1: Pushing the configuration to all hosts

eventsentry_upd.exe /allgroups


Example 2: Pushing the configuration to all hosts in the "Servers" group, logging the result:

eventsentry_upd.exe /group:Servers /log


Example 3: Pushing the configuration to all hosts, logging the result and also ensuring that the agents are up-to-date and running:

eventsentry_upd.exe /allgroups /log /installupdate


Example 4: Pushing the configuration to all hosts, logging the result, refreshing the computer list from ActiveDirectory and installing the agent on newly added computers:

eventsentry_upd.exe /allgroups /log /installupdate /usead


The screenshot below shows the output of running the Remote Update Utility: