Viewing Remote Event Logs

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Viewing Remote Event Logs

Up to 15 remote event logs can be viewed from the management application. You can choose the remote computer in three ways:


1. Manually specifying a remote computer

Right-click the "Event Log Viewer (local)" object and select "Connect ...". You will be prompted to enter a remote computername.


2. Choosing a computer from a group

Right-click the "Event Log Viewer (local)" object and select a group name and computer name from the menu.


3. Previously selected computer

EventSentry caches up to the last 3 computers you sucessfully connected to recently. Right-click the "Event Log Viewer (local)" object and select on of these 3 (or less) computers.


Including / Excluding events from remote computers

When you included or exclude events by right-clicking event log records, they will automatically show up in the group where that computer is located in. For example, when you connect to the computer CHEETAH which is located in group FILESERVERS and exclude any particular event, then the resulting filter will be created in the FILESERVERS group.



To disconnect from a remote event log, simply right-click the computer's event log object and select Disconnect. When you exit the application all remote event logs will be closed automatically. Note that connections to remote event logs will not be automatically restored upon restarting the management application.