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Starting with EventSentry 2.72, the management console now includes wizard to help new users accomplish common tasks more easily, and to help understand the concept of EventSentry more quickly.


The wizards can be accessed through the Wizards menu option and the following wizards are currently available.


Event Log Filter Setup

This wizard will guide you through the creation of a basic filter, and also supports the following advanced properties:


Day/Time Restrictions

Summary Filter

Recurring Event Filter


Since the Event Log Filter Setup Wizard is intended to be used mostly by new users, advanced filter options such as thresholds, timers and custom event logs are not supported by the Event Log Filter Setup Wizard and will have to be configured directly at the filter.


Database Consolidation

The Database Consolidation Wizard will guide you through the process of setting up database consolidation, if it was not setup through the installation process. This wizard will create an action (it will however not initialize the database, but give instructions), allow you to specify the types of events you plan on consolidating, and give you the option of collecting system health and/or tracking data to the database.


More wizards are planned in the future, and you are encouraged to email us suggestions for new wizards. Please also check out our tutorials at http://www.eventsentry.com -> Tutorials.