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The tray application configuration is part of a system health package, just like other system health features.


The settings controls the following features of the tray application:


Ability to submit notes

Support for screen shots for notes or support tickets

Ability to open support tickets


At a minimum, with all options disabled, the tray application will support the system information dialog and the help menu.



When enabled, adds the "Add Note" menu entry to the tray application which allows users to add notes.


Allow Screenshots

When enabled, allows users to attach screenshots to both notes and support tickets.



Including screenshots requires that the selected database utilizes the collector and that the collector service runs on the same host as the web reports.


Support Tickets (requires collector)

This feature utilizes the HTTP action to submit support tickets on behalf of the user, and as such any ticketing system that provides a HTTP API can be integrated.


Custom Menu Entry: Changes the default menu entry "Support Request" to a user-provided entry.

Require Email: Requires the user to provide an email address

Require Subject: Requires the user to specify a subject for the support request


Action: The HTTP action to trigger, must be configured for collector. Data entered by the user is available via the following variables:




Ticket Details: $MESSAGE




Screenshots are supported for HTTP actions configured for "Form Submission" and can be configured in the "Form field name for attachments" field.