Pushing the Configuration

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Pushing the Configuration

With the Push Configuration feature you can send the local configuration to remote hosts to avoid setting up multiple hosts manually with the same configuration.


The following settings are updated on remote hosts when you do a Push Configuration:


Global Options

Event Log, Log File, System Health and Compliance Tracking packages




In order for EventSentry to transfer the configuration to the remote host, either the ADMIN$ or the ES$ share need to exist. Please see below for more information:



This is the default administrative share which is activated on all Windows computers and shares the %SYSTEMROOT% directory (e.g. C:\Windows) to users of the Administrators group. If this share is present on your hosts monitored by EventSentry, then remote update will work flawlessly.


If, for whatever the reason, the ADMIN$ shares are not present on your monitored hosts, then you will need to create the ES$ share manually.


Instructions are as follows:

1. Create the directory C:\Program Files\EventSentry\RemoteUpdate

2. Share this directory as ES$. This will create a hidden share that is not visible to somebody browsing the network.

3. Only allow members of the Domain Admins or local Administrators write access to this share.

4. Restart the EventSentry agent(s).


Starting the Update

After you click the OK button you will see a screen similar to the one below where the configuration on the host TEST17-W2K8R2 has been updated.




The screen shot above shows that Remote Update could not connect to the computer WORKSTATION001 (it was not turned on) and that the computer TEST17-W2K8R2 received the configuration update successfully.  The NIGHTHAWK computer was skipped because it is the EventSentry mangement server (local host) and does not require a Push Configuration - each time you click Save the configuration is updated on the EventSentry management server.


As with every remote update feature you can right-click the list and save the results in a text file.



The following features are excluded from the remote update feature and need to managed individually:


Environment Settings (e.g. temperature settings, humidity settings etc.)

Syslog Daemon Settings


To manage these features, you can do one of the following:


1.Connect to the computer where you want to configure the feature, save the configuration, and disconnect again. You can easily connect to a remote computer by selecting the host (under Computer Groups) and choosing Connect Now in the toolbar.  Please note that the Remote Registry Service needs to running in order to connect to a computer remotely.

2.Copy the management console exe (C:\Program Files (x86)\EventSentry\eventsentry_gui.exe) to the remote computer and log onto the remote computer and launch the management console exe to configure the feature.


In either case, a remote update from the central console to the remote machine(s) will not override environment or Syslog settings that were configured individually.